Pet-Sitting by a Professional Pet-Sitter

Many pet owners who go on business travel, vacation, or work long hours hire the services of pet sitters to make sure that their pets, dogs, especially, get the proper care and exercise that they need. Pet sitting service, which is caring for a pet in the owner’s own home, usually when the owner is away, is a growing business in the US.

According to Walk! ATX, pet sitting, compared to having a pet housed in a kennel, is healthier for pets since it eliminates the stressors and boredom on a kennel environment. Furthermore, it also makes sure that dogs with special needs are given their medications and the customized care preferred by owners.

It is important, however, that one hires a professional pet sitter if owners wish to enjoy the many benefits that a professional type of service will provide them and their pets. For pet owners or pet parents, some of the benefits include:

  • Multiple pet-sitting visits per day and even an overnight stay if requested by pet parents
  • Knowledge that their pets are in caring, loving hands
  • Pet-sitters are trained to perform and deal with many other issues, such as dog walking, pet grooming and visits to the vet, if necessary

For pets, some of the benefits include:

  • Staying at home, which is a more secure environment since the smell, sight and sound are familiar, compared to those in a kennel;
  • Pets’ regular diet and exercise will be observed;
  • Pets will receive personal care and attention, especially during emergency cases; and,
  • Not being exposed to other animals’ illnesses or parasites, which is very likely in a kennel.

Besides all these, professional pet sitters also make sure that pets are fed on time, that their water bowls are changed, that they get their needed exercise and play time, their litter boxes and other mess are cleaned, administered their needed medication, and provided all the love and care that they need.

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