Bicycle Safety Tips – For Drivers

It is obvious that bicyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on the road. Their protections are limited to gears like helmets and pads. The facts that they are small and hard to see also don’t help in their vulnerability. It can be argued that bicyclists should be the ones who are more careful, so they don’t put themselves in a situation where a bicycle accident can occur.

But it is also fair to say that car drivers should also make an effort. After all, they are controlling large pieces of metal that can easily injure someone, especially if that someone also has the right on the road, like a bicyclist. Also, according to the website of these Tucson personal injury lawyers, negligent drivers who have caused bicycle accidents may be held accountable. So, even if a person has no morals, he should still make an effort to avoid bicycle accidents just because of the legal consequences.

Below are simple tips for drivers so they can avoid getting involved in an accident with a bicycle.

Follow traffic rules

The most basic safety tip, for drivers and other motorists, is to follow traffic rules. They are there to ensure that no collisions happen and that everybody is safe in a space where accidents can be fatal. If you follow traffic rules, you are already halfway there to a bicycle accident free life.

Mind your lane

Make sure that your car is properly inside the lane, because even just a sidemirror that occupies the bike lane is enough to trigger an accident. It becomes worse if you are traveling at a relatively high speed.

Drive slow in dark areas

Bicyclists are particularly hard to see in dark areas, and that is why they often have reflective clothing and bike lights. Still, there are times where these things are not enough to make them visible enough, resulting into vehicles hitting bicyclists. If you are in a poorly-lit area, drive with caution, because sometimes, you will never know when a bicycle or pedestrian is there.

Look before you turn

It should be a habit of all drivers to make a signal in a considerable distance and look before a turn, so the others around them can adjust accordingly. If a driver fails to do this, the turning maneuver can result into a collision with a bicycle traveling the same direction or the adjacent road. The same thing can be said for overtaking and pulling out aggressively.

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