Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Recall

Companies are legally required to make sure that their products are safe. If they fail to commit to this responsibility and this failure has resulted into injury or death, they may be held liable. An example of this is the Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder and how it is currently being recalled by Zimmer Biomet.

The Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder is a surgically implanted device used to restore shoulder and arm functions and relieve pain. This is typically acquired by people who suffer from a deficiency or tearing in the rotator cuff.

Reason for Recall
The Food and Drug Administration has designated a Class I Recall on the shoulder replacement. Class I Recall is highest form of recall. It is issued to products that are capable of injuring or killing. The device is being recalled because its fracture rate is higher compared to what is in its label, and there are a lot of reports regarding the failure of the device, particularly fracturing.

Device failure, such as fracturing, may require corrective surgery, to remove the device and replace it with another. But this is not without consequences, as it may result into injury and infection. On worse circumstances, it may even result into the total loss of function in the shoulder area. In the worst circumstances, it may even result into death.

Possible Damages
A patient who has sustained injury because of the device may have legal options to pursue, such as filing a Zimmer shoulder replacement lawsuit. The injury does not just cause the patient pain and suffering, as it may also cause unnecessary financial burdens, like the costs of corrective surgery and hospital confinement, lost time in the workplace, and possibly, loss of earning capability.

Family members of those who sustained fatal injuries have it worse. Aside from the financial issues associated with death, such as medical and funeral costs, they would also suffer from the pain of losing a loved one.

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